Photo by Michelle Hinsberg

Photo by Michelle Hinsberg

Eddie Vigil V


Eddie is a filmmaker based in Reno, NV, known mostly for his writing, directing, and producing of short films. He always stresses collaboration, positivity, and fun through the filmmaking process.

He currently helps manage a volunteer film group (Reno Film Collective) with 150+ creative individuals who all have been involved in at least 1 production through the years.

Since 2015, he has produced a web series (spanning 10 episodes), many promotional pieces for local small businesses, and several creative short films (30+ since the start of 2017).

In 2017, he was signed on to part of the crew of 2 feature films in the Reno area. He takes the filmmaking process very seriously and is always looking forward to growing with each new project.

He also assists others' productions in the Reno/Tahoe area spanning from local, such as Jeff Dow, to production companies from out of town/state, like 72andSunny.

Below are highlights of his accomplishments through the years:

  • 2018 -- Voted as #2 Top Local Filmmaker in Reno News & Revies's "Best of Northern Nevada 2018"
  • 2016-2018 -- Leads a Short Film Production Workshop in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio
  • 2018 (Jan-Feb) -- Completed Randi Feldman's "The Craft of the Continuity Script Supervisor" in Los Angeles
  • 2017 (Sept-Nov) -- Assistant to the Director 'Mustang' (IATSE union SAG feature film)
  • 2017 -- Voted as #3 top local filmmaker in Reno News & Review's "Best of Northern Nevada 2017"
  • 2017 (Aug) -- 2nd Assistant Director 'In The Forest' (SAG feature film)
  • 2016 -- Founded EV Pictures
  • 2015 -- Founded Reno Film Collective (local zero-budget collaborative film group)

Photo by Michelle Hinsberg

Photo by Michelle Hinsberg

Morgan Moessinger

Personal assistant

Morgan Moessinger is currently a Theatre Major at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is hoping to pursue a career in the film industry after she graduates next year.  

She enjoys working as Eddie’s assistant as it is teaching her a lot and preparing her for the film world. 

She has helped Eddie assist on multiple different shoots; including short film sets for RFC, and is currently learning how to use the camera equipment and how to edit. She is excited about how much she is learning and knows that working behind the camera is just as important as working in front of the camera.

Here are some highlights from working with EV Pictures and Reno Film Collective.

  • June 2018 – worked as 2nd Assistant Camera on the set of “After She Left” (RFC Short) 
  • June 2018 –worked as 2nd Assistant Camera on the set of “Schrodinger’s Nostalgia” (RFC Short) 
  • May 2018 – hired as Eddie Vigil V's assistant


Zariah Dally

creative Partner

Zariah is a traveling photographer currently located in Reno/Tahoe area. Her skill ranges from portraits to events to urban scenes.

She currently runs her own business, ZED project, where she photographs actors, models and local faces. She has also worked with other companies as a production assistant and/or behind-the-scenes photographer.

In 2016, she graduated from Ashworth College with her Graphic Design Degree. Leading her to work with several clients creating banners, logos, thumbnails, etc.

Below are highlights of her accomplishments throughout the years:

  • 2017 -- Production Assistant 'Mustang'
  • 2017 -- Joined EV Pictures
  • 2016 -- Tweaking Reality Studios Production Assistant
  • 2016 -- Published an article with Matador Network
  • 2016 -- Awarded Signature Collection three times through Twenty20
  • 2016-2017 -- Holland Project art exhibit “Young Blood”
  • 2015 -- Founded ZED Project

Allison Harting

founding partner

Allison graduated from TMCC with an AA and a business certificate. Allison took accounting and economic classes to confidently take on the planning and record keeping a start-up business needs. She has over 3 years marketing experience for locally established businesses in a variety of industries.

In terms of her video production experience, Allison first started learning in high school through her school news broadcasting classes and theater classes. She learned how to conduct on-camera interviews, present news as a news anchor, operate cameras and editing software, as well as find interesting angles on stories. Even after she graduated, Allison’s commercial work was still used to promote annual school events. She learned the importance of lighting, staging believable movement among actors, bringing out the best performance in actors, and designing sets to direct audiences’ attention in order to tell the best story possible in theater.

Since high school, Allison has contributed to a number of films and website spots in different technical departments such as lighting, sound, acting, writing, directing and editing. She continues to grow her skills and expertise through certifications and networking with other video production professionals.

Allison Harting's 2016 Editor Reel.