SAME but DIFFERENT (produced through 2015 and 2016) is a 10 episode comedy web series created by Eddie Vigil V.

08/09/16 - Survivor Man (George) investigates the incident dubbed The Clowning and enlists the help from Fly Girl and others as we come to the end of SAME but DIFFERENT's freshman outing. 

06/02/16 - Survivor Man (George) meets Boogan, an opportunistic clown, while Matt tries to recruit Eddie into his special club. 

03/10/16 - Fly Girl (Thayvi) and Bird Guy (Eddie) experience their first distress call as the new-formed not-so-super hero duo. It's not quite what they were expecting. 

12/21/15 - Nora plays matchmaker with her friends Austin and Allison. Do blind dates ever go well?

11/03/15 - Veronica and Thayvi try to recruit Eddie into their new super hero vigilante club. This episode had many inspirations, from Kickass to Shaun of the Dead. 

10/20/15 - Survivor Man finds himself having to face the concequences of his actions of saving a lost Eddie when E, the director of the W.I.L.D., and her helpful assistant have him drop by the headquarters for a little talk. This episode had many inspirations, from The Office to the Avengers.

08/31/15 - Inspired by the over-the-top personalities seen on wilderness shows; follow Survivor Man and his squad as they search the wild for their lost friend. 

08/13/15 - Inspired by the opening scene of a very popular comedy. Some call it their favorite scene from the film. Veronica, Matt, and George are faced with a little bit of a dilemma.

07/29/15 - Inspired by How I Met Your Mother, this episode explores the history of this group of friends.

05/22/15 - Episode 1 gives you a taste of what this show is aiming for. Taking Eddie through scenes reminiscent of Seinfeld, The Office and Breaking Bad.

Where will this cast end up next?