Founded in 2015 by Eddie Vigil V, and now consisting of over 150 members, the group is known best for being a community-based production team that gives creatives a chance to experiment and learn the process of film production. Members are able to comfortably learn and gain experience on sets that are modeled after what a proper feature film set should be like.

The RFC motto has always been, "if you're interested in being a part, we're happy to have you."

With the wide range of talent in the area comes a wide range of styles. Below are short films produced since the forming of the group, as well as a few pieces produced through the Short Film Production Workshop put on by EV Pictures in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio.


3 childhood friends on their game night... but something feels a bit off.


Bottled up emotions are tired of being held in as a father and son clash.


When learning that up-and-coming producer, Julian Swann, was in the area the members of The Lady Cats Band split up in hopes of getting signed.


When a young woman stumbles upon a shady underbelly she doesn't quite understand....


2 detectives question a violinist about the location of the dame of the night.


An acting troupe tries invigorating the city of San Francisco from the ground up.


Marcus (Devin Marigny) is forced to decide whether he's really ready to pursue his dream of being an actor or not.


What happens when Michelle meets Ashley? Only one way to find out... This short film was written and shot within 4 hours via the RFC #filmsomething monthly event.


As friends catch up at a downtown eatery, a kidnapped military scientist is brought in for "interrogation." But don't worry, Olympia is on the case...


Two friends find themselves having to save their roommate from something that may effect them for the rest of their lives (starring Michelle Hinsberg, Hannah Carnell, and Paul Sean Ward).


An Eddie Vigil V film in association with Reno Film Collective

It's come time for Amy (Maggie Hart) to make that tough decision. It's now or never.


Fly Girl returns to discover that she's been replaced. Oops.


It's not a breakup without the party. (Directed by Taylor Jane Riedeman.)


When a group of men are forced into a deadly game of Russian roulette...... ....


Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands. Will the tribe of young ones be able to solve it?

Produced entirely through the Short Film Production Workshop offered by Take 2 Performers Studio in collaboration with EV Pictures.


A new position has opened up at Superheroes Inc. Who will get the job??

Produced entirely through the Short Film Production Workshop offered by Take 2 Performers Studio in collaboration with EV Pictures.


Produced in collaboration with Unguyd3d Productions.

There's 3 guys. There's a forest. And... yup.


Bird Guy, Fly Girl, and Vinnie fumble their way through the capturing of a couple new villains.


Produced in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio via our Short Film Production Workshop. 

The boss tries to convince the office to come to his game night potluck party this weekend, but will they commit?

June.2018 (a Ryan Tune short, produced by Eddie Vigil V and Reno Film Collab)

The story of a kidnapping gone wrong. 


Produced in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio via our Short Film Production workshop.

Can the good cop and bad cop duo get the confession out of this most wanted criminal?


Produced in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio via our Short Film Production workshop.

Some form of possession is in their midst. Good thing the expert is around... right?

May.2017 (a Nick Gapp short, produced, in part, by Eddie Vigil V and Reno Film Collective)

Inspired by our current Commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, who proved anything is possible... anything. 


About the struggles of being a new filmmaker in a big big world full if big ponds.


A down-and-out vet (Holly Lorge) gets in a fight with a doctor (Jeremy Boswell) at a bar. 


Bird Guy and Fly Girl talk about all there day-to-day as not-so superheroes when they bump into Salli who dreams of being a part of a team.


Bird Guy and Vinny get acquainted with the newest addition to their not-so super team.


Meet June (Chanika McCombs) and Trent (Beau Hogan). They're having a fracas when hotshot musician, Craig (Jasmeet Baduwalia), strolls on in forcing the couple to argue more creatively. Will their relationship survive it?


An unlikely team of private investigators  prepares for their very important mission. 

Jan.2017 (an EV Pictures and Unguyd3d Productions collaboration)

A mother (Debra Lynn Hull) helps prepare her hip son (Colten Crom) and a random passerby (Andrew Bage) for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Original score by: K*Nebula

Jan.2017 (an EV Pictures and Moosefoot Studios collaboration)

What happens when Bird Guy learns that there are real super-powered folk out there? Does he have what it takes to grow?

Nov.2016 (an EV Pictures short)

 Bella (Hannah Davis) attempts to teach Hank (Brian Perry) magic. But is it for real??

Oct.2016 (a Nick Gapp short, produced by Eddie Vigil V)


A Holland Project 3-Minute Film Festival 2016 Official Selection

Created by // Brandon Trefethan and the Vigil Brothers

April.2016 (a Doing Reel Things production directed by Eddie Vigil V)

July.2016 (an Allison Harting short)

Tyler tries impressing his crush with help from his emotional Ms. Right Brain and logical Mr. Left Brain.

(2015) Produced by White Opus & EV Pictures (formerly EVTV)

April.2015 (an Eddie Vigil V short)

My experience from party planning brings gives me the opportunity to share some of my secrets to planning, what I deem to be, the perfect party!!!

Jan.2015 (an Eddie Vigil V short)

One gun... or is there? Emotions are raised from even that of the original comedy short. I love SNL's "The Shooting AKA Dear Sister" and was fun doing my own take on it.