Script Supervisor (recurring) / Smosh / Mythical Entertainment / Dir. Ryan Todd

Script Supervisor / Traumatica / Dir. Iddo Goldberg

Script Supervisor / Beyond Paranormal* / Dir. Matteo Ribaudo

Script Supervisor / Single / AFI DWW Project / Dir. Ashley Eakin

Script Supervisor / Earthquake Country* / Dir. Hallie and Audrey McPherson

Script Supervisor / Bated Breath / Dir. Avid Eghbali

Script Supervisor / Desert Shadows* / Dir. Tyler Bourns

Script Supervisor / His and Herzog / Dir. Gates Bradley

Script Supervisor / The History of Monsters / AFI Thesis

Script Supervisor / Caramel / USC 546

Script Supervisor / Block D / Cinemagic / Dir. Jason Farrand

Script Supervisor / Texas 2 Step / Dir. Shannon Hamblin


Script Supervisor / I’ll Always Love You / Dir. Avid Eghbali

Script Supervisor / Shepherds / 5150 Productions / Dir. Lauren Fash

Script Supervisor / Circus Road* / OIC Productions / Dir. Minh Collins

1st A.D./Script Supervisor / The Calling - Episode 1 - They

1st A.D./Script Supervisor / Resurrection of Nikoli

Script Supervisor / Past Life

Workshop / Randi Feldman’s “The Craft of the Continuity Script Supervisor”


2nd Unit Script Supervisor / The Mustang* / Légende Films / Dir. Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre



Writer/Director/Producer / It’s What’s on the Inside*

1st Assistant Director / Bad Agent / Dir. Brandon Junk

1st Assistant Director / Desert Shadows* / Dir. Tyler Bourns

1st Assistant Director / Boredom / Dir. Brett Felty

1st Assistant Director / Jurassic Jen Passion Project / Dir. Scott Baker

Producer/1st Assistant Director / Van Life / Dir. Michael Gabel


1st Assistant Director / Paradise Apartments / Dir. Asif Akbar

Director/Producer / Gerald

Director/Producer / Oliver

1st Assistant Director / SWG NEPA Training Videos / Gold Cat, LLC

Producer / After She Left

Director / Schrodinger’s Nostalgia

Director / Close to Homeless

Producer / Hindrance Complex

Producer / Olympia

1st Assistant Director / The Build Up


Assistant to the Director / The Mustang* / Légende Films / Dir. Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

1st Assistant Director / I Won’t Drown

Writer/Director / Pulling Strings

1st Assistant Director / Crunch

2nd Assistant Director / In the Forest*

Producer / Let’s Break Up

Writer/Director / Yes?

Producer / Russian Roulette

1st Assistant Director / The Hold Up

Writer/Director / Small Fish

Writer/Director / Status Fracas


Writer/Director / Wand Over Matter

Production Assistant / Mr. Invincible*


Producer/Creator / Same but Different (Web Series)


2017 -2018

Instructor / Short Film Production Workshop / Take 2 Performers Studio

2016 - Present

Founder/Producer / EV Pictures

2015 - Present

Founder/Producer / Reno Film Collective

*Feature Film


Eddie is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA known mostly for his writing, directing, and producing of short films, with 2019 being his big jump into the feature world with his first feature film currently in post-production for a Spring 2020 completion date.

He always stresses collaboration, positivity, and fun through the filmmaking process.

Prior to his move to LA, Eddie managed a volunteer film group (Reno Film Collective), with 150+ creative individuals who each have been involved in at least 1 production through the years. From 2015-2018, he produced a web series (spanning 10 episodes), many promotional pieces for local small businesses, and several creative short films (70, but who’s counting) ranging from a few minutes in length to a half an hour.

He takes the filmmaking process very seriously and is always looking forward to growing with each new project, never taking any opportunity for granted.

Below are highlights of his accomplishments through the years:

2019 — Successfully completed first crowdfunding campaign reaching 253% of set goal

2018 -- Voted as #2 Top Local Filmmaker in Reno News & Reviews's "Best of Northern Nevada 2018"

2016-2018 -- Lead a Short Film Production Workshop in collaboration with Take 2 Performers Studio

2018 (Jan-Feb) -- Completed Randi Feldman's "The Craft of the Continuity Script Supervisor" in Los Angeles

2017 (Sept-Nov) -- First crew position on an IATSE union SAG feature film (The Mustang)

2017 -- Voted as #3 top local filmmaker in Reno News & Review's "Best of Northern Nevada 2017"

2017 (Aug) -- First paid positions on a feature any film (In the Forest)

2016 -- Founded EV Pictures

2015 -- Founded Reno Film Collective (Reno’s only collaborative community volunteer film group)

Photo by Michelle Hinsberg

Photo by Michelle Hinsberg