Mission Statement - AKA First Blog (ever)

I've accepted that I'm what you may call an over-thinker and I'm here to use that super power to my advantage (and yes, I know everyone has a unique opinion), but I've realized that more and more lately I've really grown to enjoy sharing my thoughts on pressing matters such as:



Social habits


Random observations

...and it's come to my attention (through moderate self-reflection) that my opinions have yet to really venture out beyond anyone I would have shared with in person. Hence this new blog I'm starting up here. Let's dive deeper into why I'm doing this.

I love movies! When I watch a movie, or a TV show, I'm hoping to be grabbed by it. "Being grabbed" is how I rate how much I like what I see. Did it grab me? When did it grab me? How hard? Did it let go at some point or did it have me the whole time? Did it slap me a bit or hold me hostage (wait, taking it too far there)?

Pursuing film (see EVTV) has giving me a point-of-view that's new to me. I no longer have the ability to just sit and watch a movie. I've been compromised. I now focus on things like the flow of the story, cuts, acting, framing and all that little technical stuff, but you know what gets rid of a lot of that feeling? You guessed it, being grabbed (by the movie). To forget you're watching a movie is the best part of watching a movie; being consumed and lost in that world.

By "compromised" I meant that having experience, though limited, with writing, acting, filming, directing, and editing has made it impossible to go back to the world where I didn't realize how much goes into it all. I've dipped my toes in all those areas of filmmaking because that's what it takes to get yourself that experience sometimes, especially in Reno, not the filmiest (yes, that's a word now) of towns...yet. Perhaps I'll share more of my experience with gaining experience in Reno at some point.

But the real reason for this blog is that I want to write more. I've done my own writing for my shorts, but it's not enough. I want to start writing pilot episodes and more shorts, tell more stories, share random thoughts, and develop that writing voice everyone is after.

So here it is. My first blog. If you've read this far thank you a bunch!

I think there's a "like" button somewhere and a comments section? Not sure how it works quite yet, but test it for me and let's see how it goes. (edit: I don't see it anymore... I'll figure it out eventually 03/04)

Thanks again for reading! 

Cheers (something I never say in real life, oh well)!